Technical data

Adverrun AVR XS has been designed for 10s Lipo packs. We have tested the most common propeller combinations ranging from 20″ to 23″ diameter. Generally we found that higher pitch propellers performs a bit better and recommend using Front: 22×20 / Rear: 22×22. Depending on the chosen propeller maximum currents of 90-120A are expected on the ground which provides more power than needed for typical F3A flight.

Weight has always been a concern in F3A and we are very glad that we were able to improve weight further with the 2nd version of the Adverrun AVR XS drive. We list weight as span ranging from 475g if measured w/o accessories to 560g if spinner and accessories (i.e. screws and rubber mounts) are included. This allows using the lower number for comparing weight with other systems but also enables a more realistic estimate of the final weight of the plane.

3 side view

Specific Features

The Motor shaft is bearing supported in the front carbon fibre plate. An additional rear motor support for the Kontronik Kondor is not required. Alloy screws are used to save weight where possible

The Helical Delrin gear and belt drive reqire little maintenance and limit noise

Front and Rear mounting uses rubber mounts to minimize noise transmission into the fuselage. The rear mount allows for smaller side thrust adjustments.